Kids Football jerseys boys Soccer jerseys set uniform Survetement football kit girls 2020 Custom

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If u want to customize your number,name and in your soccer set .Pls feel free to contact us.   

Also,We have a lot of popular soccer sets, but not all of them showed in our store,It is our pleasure to show you more types.

The price for customization:

A.Number and Name = cost 2$ more

B.Name,Number and Team = cost 3$ more

C.Name,Number,Team and Sponsor= cost 4$,5$,6$ (Depends on the size of your Sponsor)

D.More Types/More Discount /Wholesales Price =Pls Contact us At Soon


Size 3XS, suitable for height 120-125CM, 5-6 years old
Size 2XS, suitable for height 130-135CM, 7-8 years old
Size XS,  suitable for height 140-145CM, 8-9 years old
Size S,   suitable for height 150-155CM, 9-11 years old
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